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Tie the maintenance method
1. Tie after the use, please immediately unlock tie, and lightly from the neckline untied, because hard pull table cloth and lining, fiber and easy to fracture, cause permanent folds.
2. Tie every time put out, "untie the mouth, will tie folded flat or tie shelf hanging up, and pay attention to inquire whether placement smooth, in order to avoid the scratch tie.
3. Drive wearing it, don't will tie safety belt in inside, lest produce wrinkles.

4. Tie wear out once, please every few days to wear, and will tie on wet places or spray a little water, make its folds place restorable, then accept to dry place keep flat or crane made.
5. Tie contamination dirt immediately after dry cleaning.
6. Processing tie knot mouth folds, please use steam iron cold pressing, washing and hot iron, capacity cause deformation and damage.

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